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Say goodbye to intrusive online ads


AdBlock Plus blocks all types of intrusive ads in Google Chrome. Avoid pop-ups, unexpected redirects, misleading banners, and so on.


Online publicity tends to include tracking systems that monitor user activity. Avoid being tracked, with AdBlock Plus!


The key thing is that you’re in control: you can disable AdBlock Plus for certain sites, or add elements that aren’t ads to the blacklist.


Online ads tend redirect users to misleading sites. Adblock Plus is able to block access to these unsafe sites.

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Not all ads are dangerous

AdBlock Plus is a solution for Chrome that recognizes the difference between legitimate ads and misleading ones. It lets you view the same sites you always visit without the intrusive ads, meaning that your favorite sites will still earn money without frustrating the user. You get the best browsing experience while websites continue to be able to monetize their traffic, contributing on the whole to an internet that’s much safer.